Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 16 Milestones

Once my baby girl started to feel better this week, she started to develop and change right before my eyes. I am in such awe of all the little milestones she has reached this week. First, she let out her first giggle yesterday. Diaper changing time is usually a fun time between Jillian and I where I will smother her with kisses all over her face and belly. I can usually get the biggest smiles out of her when I do this. I will kiss one side of her face until she turns towards me and then I will kiss the other side, and she will turn her face the other way. I always tell her that I giving her "Smooches". I can always get a sweet smile out of her when I start to ask her if she wants a smooch from Mommy. She knows whats coming after that! While I was doing this she let out the sweetest little giggle. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited. I thought maybe for a second I had imagined it, but she did it again once the smooch fest had ensued. I can't wait for her to do it again!!!! Trust me, I have been doing everything I can to provoke more giggles but none so far today.

Jillian has also learned to grab all of the rings on her bouncy seat, especially the all important middle one that actually plays music when pulled. Until recently, they were too high for her little hands to reach them. All she could really do was kick her legs and they would just wiggle in front of her. I would always pull the one in the middle because it would play music for her. While Jeff and I were eating dinner on Tuesday, Jillian sat on the floor next to us in her bouncey seat. This is typically where she sits during dinner time, the bouncer entertains her while Jeff and I can actually have a meal together. As we were eating, all of a sudden the music began to play and Jillian kicked her little feet like crazy. Jeff and I just looked at each other in disbelief and started to clap for her. She actually looked proud of herself!!!

My girl has also started to roll on to her side. She started to do this at night while watching her Fisher Price Aquarium. I was sitting in her glider folding her laundry and heard feet kicking the rails of her crib. I looked up and saw Jillian on her side trying to roll towards the aquarium. She also likes to grab her feet lately which also rounds out her back for an even easier position to roll around in. I just can't get over how much she has changed in just one week. I feel like I have to write every thing down as soon as they happen or I am going to forget about all of the new and exciting changes in her life. She is really developing such an adorable little personality. It's hard to believe she is no longer a new born baby and is turning into a little person right before my eyes.

Jillian has also added a few new fun toys to her collection recently. The ever so famous 'Sophie' which she LOVES to chomp on

and the Winkle. We were strolling through the baby toy aisle at Babies R Us this week and I recalled reading about a Winkle in one of my favorite Mommy blogs. So I decided to hand it to her to see what she did. She grabbed it and immediately started to stick the little colored tubes in her mouth. I was sold, plus, I don't think anyone would want me putting it back on the shelf after she drooled all over it. Let's just hope no other Mom did that to this particular Winkle!

Friday is my day at home with Jillian, I am hoping for more giggles from my precious girl!!!


  1. Isn't that first laugh just something? It only gets better from here, my friend! Congrats on all these firsts and happy moments!

  2. She is growing so fast! :o)

  3. I love the toe-grabbing!

    I have almost bought Sophie so many times!

  4. Your little girl is adorable! My kids have all loved that toy (the Winkle)
    Cute blog, I can't wait to read more!

  5. I stoppedover from the d-list and have only read a couple of posts so far, but I really like them so far! My son is a big fan of sophie, but he was a bit older. We may just have to make a shopping trip to see if we can find the Windkle!


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