Friday, April 09, 2010

Weekend Road Trip to Columbus

I am taking a break from "The Great Cold 2010" to blog about our first road trip with Jillian. Jillian and I are still feeling horrible at the moment but wanted to at least share one post about our busy weekend. Jeff has now joined us in the fun of being sick so it's one big sick happy family. Ugh.

Jeff plays hockey here at our local ice arena and to celebrate the end of the season, they always plan a trip down to Nationwide Arena in Columbus to play against a Columbus hockey team. Jeff loves this trip and looks forward to it every year. We debated for weeks on whether or not we should bring Jillian. Two hours in the car both ways from Cleveland to Columbus seemed like a lot for a three month old. And with any adventure away from home, there is always the fun game of "Where will I breastfeed?" I can't exactly do it in the middle of an NHL ice arena. Since Jeff's event fell on the day before Easter this year, we didn't want to burden anyone with watching her for a whole day, so we decided to take her with us and hope for the best.

Jillian was great, I think she exceeded both of our expectations. She slept most of the car ride down to Columbus which was wonderful. Once we arrived in Columbus, the 'Where would I breastfeed?' game was on! Should I breast feed her in the car? Give her a bottle with one of the packs of frozen milk I brought along? How would I then heat up the bottle? Would the bottle warmer for the car gadget that I received at my baby shower actually work? This game is always fun and certainly always brings on a lot of stress, especially when your baby is about to blow if you don't feed her pronto. So we parked next to Jeff's two buddies and their families and I started to heat up the cold, partially frozen breast milk, in the car bottle warmer. Needless to say, this thing took forever!!!! It actually would have been a great product if I would have known that I would have had to start warming up the bottle as soon as we left Cleveland! Jillian was not appreciative of her cold bottle, so I had to try to lift up my shirt in the front seat of our Saturn without giving any of Jeff's friends a cheap thrill. After ten minutes, the bottle was finally semi-lukewarm to a point where she would drink it and I was off the hook from breast feeding her, at least for now. A few other breast feeding lessons I learned from our road trip were, do not bring your whole frozen breast milk stash with you. You already have her milk "with" you anyway, you will find a way to give it to her. Whether it's by pumping it out with my battery operated pump or simply finding SOME where to breast feed her, even if it is in your car in the middle of downtown Columbus next to a bunch of hockey players. I ended up throwing away 8 ounces of breast milk because we were no longer sure if it was still good by the time we got home that evening. We were keeping the milk chilled in a cooler, but it wasn't worth the risk. I felt horrible throwing away so much milk and sabotaging my stash for daycare.

Aside from playing the breastfeeding game all day, we had a really fun time. It's always fun to hang out with Jeff's friends and their wives, we are all pretty close and have been friends for a long time now. It was also one of the first times I officially felt like a Mommy in a social setting. In the past, we were always the childless couple amongst all of the families. After the hockey game, we all drove to the Polaris shopping district and ate dinner at Red Robin. Let me just tell you Moms out there, Red Robin is great if you have kids!!!! That place is so loud with with screaming kids, that I didn't stress out once on wheether or not Jillian would make a crying scene at dinner. I am usually sitting on pins and needles at Olive Garden praying that Jillian doesn't wake up and start crying. Luckily for us, Jillian was a total angel during dinner anyway and we were able to relax and enjoy hanging out with our friends. I even had my first beer in a year. Wow, did it taste good!

Here are a few pics from our day:

Inside Nationwide Arena:

The Teams:

Jeff playing hockey on professional ice:

Little Jilly being an angel at Red Robin:

Little did I know at last years hockey game that I was two weeks pregnant with Jillian. What a difference a year makes!!!


  1. Some of our baby friendly restaurants in the area include Red Robin, Winking Lizard, and Quaker Steak & Lube -- lots of noise, the baby will never be heard!! Hope you feel better, we've had bad colds here as well :-(

  2. Fun! I'm glad your trip went well. My husband plays in a hockey league too...I actually went to one of his games this week and I had a beer-it was glorious! :o) Funny how it is the little things...

  3. I'm glad you went and Jilly got to cheer on her daddy!

    BTW Karen, I FINALLY started a blog of my own, you better follow me, lol.

  4. You are the second person to mention how wonderful Red Robin is for kids. I am looking forward to trying it out with our little one! Thanks for confirming.

  5. Karen what a wonderful family trip you had! I'm so happy for you to have done this as a new family. I enjoyed seeing the precious photos from Easter and her baptism. She is a beautiful baby girl. You all are truly blessed.

    Thank you very much for your kind words today. I really appreciate it very much. I'm in a little bit of a bloggy rut these past few weeks. I'm sure I'll snap out of it soon.

    I'm so happy you met Reynie! She is a wonderful person. You two have so much in common with baby girls about the same age. How neat!
    I'll make yours my next "blog of the week'. I'm so happy to hear people have actually clicked on it and met the featured blogger. *Smiles*

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)


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