Monday, July 12, 2010

Jillian is Six Months Old!

I feel like I blinked and Summer is already half over. As a Clevelander, this always seems to happen every year. We only have three months of nice weather and you find yourself cramming a years worth of activities and get together's into a three month time period. It's a shame that my blog has taken a back seat to all of the craziness because I do not want to forget any of the special moments of Jillian's first year.

Jillian's six month birthday occurred on June 21st, and here I am on July 13th finally blogging about it! Six months has just been an amazing turning point in my sweet little girl's life. Sometimes when I think that I couldn't possibly love her more, I wake up the next morning and I do! She has experienced so many firsts in her life these past few weeks, I don't want to forget any of it! I feel like I am cheating a bit on this post because what I would have written on June 21st compared to what I am writing today is about practically a different baby. Jillian has changed so much in just a few short weeks. The six month mark seemed to be a big turning point for Jillian. She experienced a lot of firsts this month, with most of them occurring while we were in Myrtle Beach!

Jillian, you are still in Carter's size six month clothing and are wearing a size two diaper. We accidental bought a box of size 2/3 diapers but you haven't had a problem with leaks or blow outs in them. You have been wearing them like a champ even though they are slightly baggy. You weighed 16 pounds exactly while you were in the ER, and at your six month appointment on July 10th, you weighed 16 pounds 6 ounces. It's hard to believe by the end of the Summer you may be close to twenty pounds! Your height, weight, and head size are all in the 50th percentile for your age. Needless to say, you are right where you should be with everything! You are still slightly teething but I am yet to see the signs of a tooth. Your doctor mentioned at your four month appointment that a tooth should be popping any week now but nothing has happened yet. You still drool on occasion and like to stick things in your mouth constantly. I need to be extremely careful now where I lay you down because you have a tendency to grab everything and anything around you and put it in your mouth. You have been as happy as can be so I do not feel like they are bothering you yet even if they are about to pop. It's been several weeks now since we have had to even give you a teething tablet.

Jillian, you had her first taste of rice cereal, tried out your umbrella stroller, and had your first swim ever in a swimming pool! You are now rolling over from your back to your stomach, and if you are really feeling adventurous, you will roll back from your stomach to your back. I have even witnessed a double roll once on your activity mat. I have also found you a few times in your crib asleep on your belly. The first time this happened, it really freaked me out. I immediately turned on your SIDS monitor. I have a feeling it's going to get harder and harder for me to keep you off of your belly. You aren't the biggest fan of being on your belly but you do seem to be favoring side and belly sleeping lately. It is very rare that you sleep on your back anymore.

Speaking of sleep, you are still getting up at least once a night around 3am. How I wish I could break you of this habit!!! I feel that my body has gotten used to getting up with you which I never thought would happen. Once a night, I can handle, twice a night, not so much. Luckily the twice a night feedings are long behind us. Once a night is still not fun and certainly not the preferable option. Especially on a work night. I am praying that you break this habit soon!!! You have only slept through the night once since our last monthly update so you really need to start stringing a few more of these together! Ever since we returned from Myrtle Beach, it seems like you have been going to bed so much easier for us at night. I used to sit in your rocker for an hour playing the pacifier game, waiting for you to fall asleep. Now I just place you in your crib after your bed time bottle and you roll over and fall asleep. How did you get so easy? You are also now consitently napping in your crib. When you start to show signs of tiredness, I place you in your crib, turn on your sound machine and mobile, give you the paci, and you roll over fall asleep. I don't know what has changed since you turned six months, but everything seems to be turning around for you in the sleep department. I couldn't be happier. Now, if we could just work on those 3 am feedings....

I have noticed you starting to interact with other babies and kids lately. You are so curious about what they are doing. You loved laughing at your cousins and were quite entertained by them while we were in Myrtle Beach together. You also love to reach out to the other babies at daycare. It's so cute to watch you make faces at them as you play on the floor together.

You had your first taste of rice cereal while we were in Myrtle Beach and you loved it! You loved it so much that you would fuss in between bites because we weren't feeding you fast enough. We have since introduced to you green beans which did not go over quite as well. If it's not mixed with rice cereal, you will refuse to eat it. Today we are trying peas so I can only imagine the faces you will make with this! You are also still breast fed several times a day. I am proud to say I reached my six month breast feeding goal and I have no plans on stopping right now. The thought of me no longer breast feeding you brings me to tears. We both still enjoy it so why stop now? It is still our special time together which I love.

First bite of rice cereal was a little shocking!

Not so sure about it.

Trying it again.


Your favorite toy right now is your jumperoo. You think you are such a big shot in it and have a constant smile on your face. You really start to go nuts when you realize that I am watching you. All I have to say is "bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!" and you practically jump right out of it. It is so adorable, I love watching you have a great time. You still love your bouncer and your activity mat. I have started to place you in a sitting position with the boppy pillow supporting you so you can play sitting up. I really think you are liking this new perspective and will probably be sitting up without my support very soon! I am sad to say that I think we are days away from retiring your swing. You will sit in it but you are way too active now to sit there for long. Your legs start kicking and you start batting away at the little lamb mobile above you. Some how I don't think those little plush lambs were meant for the abuse that you have given them! Since you instinctively want to start rolling any where I lay you down, you will immediately try to roll out of your swing. I no longer feel comfortable putting you in there and walking out of the room for a few minutes. It is no longer my go to place anymore for your naps.

Jillian, you are such a good baby. I have nothing to compare you to, but from what I hear from family, friends, and complete strangers, you are. Everyone is amazed at how little you cry and fuss. I always know what is wrong when you do finally cry since you cry so little. When you were a newborn, you would scream bloody murder when you were hungry, but now I barely get a wimper out of you. You also have the longest eyelashes. This is probably your most predominant feature and the one that I always hear compliments about. Even the cashiers at Target are amazed by your long and beautiful eyelashes. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. I thank God every day for giving me such a beautfiul little girl. You were certainly worth the wait.

Mommy's happy baby girl.

Helping Mommy blow out her candles.


  1. I love reading Jillian's updates :) Layla LOVED her jumperoo too, she would jump for an hour in that thing, it was my saving grace!

  2. Those rice cereal pics are precious...they show a fefinite progression from "hmmm?" to "Yum!"

    My Bug is still getting up once a night...@ 14 months! Maybe one day...

  3. Love the pictures and hearing how things are going! Do you recommend the SIDS monitor? We don't have one just a video monitor. What jumperoo do you have and at what age did she start using it? Sorry just trying to figure out when Grayson may need or want to try these toys. Thanks for all your help and support in advance!

  4. Happy 6 months Jillian!!! I love the picture of her first taste of cereal! Priceless. And oh my goodness I wanted to jump through the computer screen and eat that cake! Looks deelish!

  5. Yay and happy 6 months, Jillian!

    Quick question: Where did you get her monthly onsies? Are they an iron-on/transfer? Thanks!!

  6. I noticed her eyelashes right away Karen. WOW! She is a beauty!

    Happy 6 months Jillian!

  7. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Aw I love her! I love that first picture!! Too cute! Happy 6 months sweet baby girl!

  8. She is so cute!!! Adorable!

  9. Awww, so sweet! I hope she starts skipping that 3am feeding for you! Annabelle was sleeping through the night and now has slowly started to wake up around 3am too for a little snack. She goes right back down to sleep afterwards, but it's still hard to get up in the middle of the night.

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  11. Karen, thanks for replying to my comment and visiting my blog!

  12. Anonymous2:12 PM

    She is a doll! happy six months to your sweet girl!


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