Thursday, July 22, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010 - Part III

Jeff and I learned that one good thing about going on vacation with the family is that you have a lot of willing baby sitters around you! Jeff and I were able to still enjoy the little things that we have come to love about Myrtle Beach over the last ten years.

We took advantage of our live in baby sitters and had breakfast, just the two of us, on the Apache Pier. The view of the water from our table was so beautiful and peaceful.

After breakfast, we took a long walk along the beach. I just love the beach in the morning before the temperature gets too hot. I love watching all of the joggers running up and down the beach. I love all of the old ladies and families wading in the water, looking for that perfect sea shell. Nothing beats a walk on the beach in the morning sun.

A self portrait of us at the end of the Apache Pier.

I don't think Jeff and I have ever been to Myrtle Beach without enjoying a drink at Ocean Annie's. Ocean Annie's is a ocean front bar located inside the Ocean Sands hotel which is only a short walk from our condo. You are always guaranteed to find a fun, sunburned crowd, live music, and beautiful views of the beach. Jeff's parents were nice enough to watch Jillian for a few hours so we could enjoy a drink or two. Or three. Last year I was pregnant with Jillian so I was really looking forward to having a drink with Jeff this year.



  1. Okay again, how much do I love your hair!!!! It's so stinkin' cute, and I wish I could pull it off...

    Looks like y'all just had the best time! Glad you and the hubs got some time to yourselves.

  2. You guys were right where our place is...MB Travel Park. Glad you got to enjoy a beverage at Ocean Annies!! :)

  3. What a fun vacation! I lived in S.Carolina for a yr when I was in high school and I adored the south! We went to Myrtle Beach a few times.
    What an adorable little girl you have, and I love her name! I have a 2yr old granddaughter named Jillian Carol, Carol is my name and I adore her! We call her Jillybean! lol!
    Love your blog!
    I'm following you!
    Will you follow me?

  4. *sigh* I'm so jealous looking at your vacation pics! I'm from Ohio too (C-bus) and we usually take an annual trip down to Myrtle (seems like a lot of people from Ohio do :) ), but we weren't able to this year. I'm DYING for some sand and ocean and fresh seafood! I too am a Carolina girl at heart! Glad you guys had a good trip!


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