Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jillian is Eight Months Old

My sweet Jillian, I can't believe you are eight months old already! What an amazing month this has been for you. I can finally say with confidence that you are sleeping through the night!!!! Woohoo! This, I couldn't be happier about and I personally think that you are happier too. You now will sleep around 10 hours a night. You are also now sitting up although I think you prefer to still play on your back or even on your tummy. I try prop you up constantly with the boppy pillow and a few minutes later you have slid down and have rolled over a few times to go grab another toy.

You are still not a fan of napping but I have found a way to out smart you! If you think I am putting you down for a nap, you will just lay there and fuss and cry until I finally come get you. However, if I put you at the base of your crib by your pink crib toy, you will lay there and play and eventually just roll over and fall asleep. I am learning that I always need to be one step ahead of you!!!

Your personality is really starting to develop and you are certainly turning into a very outgoing and social baby. I remember the days when you would nap all day at daycare. I used to think your care givers had such an easy time watching you. You would nap for 2-3 hours at a time! Well, those days are over with! It is a good day if they can get even one solid nap out of you. You are just such a social butterfly and refuse to miss out on anything! You love hanging out with the other babies whether it's sitting side by side in your jumperoo's or playing on the floor with them. I am so glad that you are making friends already and learning valuable social skills that you will need when you finally go to school. Although I have a feeling that I am going to be receiving a few phone calls from your teacher telling me that you are too busy talking to your friends and not listening in class!!!!

We have also learned that you do well on long road trips! We have taken two, twelve hour, road trips this Summer and you have been a great baby during both of them. We are even thinking of visiting Washington DC this fall and I know you will do well. It's only a six hour drive to Washington DC, this will be a piece of cake for a seasoned road tripper like yourself! Not only are you a good baby in the car, but you are such a good baby in general. You are never fussy unless you are in the need of a good nap or something to eat. However, I have noticed that you are starting to get upset if you can't get what you want!!! Especially when it comes to Mommy's jewelry. How you would love to put all of my necklaces in your mouth if you had your way! However, Mommy doesn't want you to swallow them and I am always prying them out of those little hands of yours. A little fit always seems to ensue afterwards and I can see that this may be the start of some fun times ahead!

You have also finally cut your first tooth! Daddy noticed a little crease on your bottom middle gum the day after your eight month birthday and that little tooth has been popping out more and more each day. I think the process all started a few days before we spotted the tooth. Your nose started running and I was concerned that you were coming down with a Summer cold. However, you weren't coughing or showing any other cold symptoms. Sure enough, that tooth came out a few days later. Your nose hasn't stopped running so I am wondering if the other tooth next to it is also on it's way.

Mommy is still nursing and still unsure of when to stop. For now, I am trying not to stress out about it. It certainly can come in handy during nights where you don't want to go to sleep!!!! To this day, you are always guaranteed to pass out during a nursing session. You are also still eating Stage I foods and I even tried making home made Avocado for you. The Avocado did not go over very well with you but I was so proud of myself that I actually made you some home made food! I would to one day try other foods. So far, your favorite food is Pears and you absolutely love to drink Pear juice out of your sippy cup. Mommy is so proud of you and how well you seem to drink out of a sippy cup.

Jillian, you are still in Carter's size six month clothing and I am surprised that you haven't grown out of them yet. I have started putting you in a few 6-9 month Summer clothes just because you have so many and I hate for them to go to waste. They are a little big on you but I am glad you are able to wear both size clothing now. Your clothing options are now endless, like they weren't already!!! You are still in a size 3 diaper and I am finally trying Target diapers for the first time. After buying our first package this weekend, they seem to work well. No issues or leaks so far and we get to save a few pennies at the same time!!! You still only weigh 17 pounds so it seems that you weight gain has trailed off for now, this certainly explains why you are not growing out of those six month clothes!!! I also think you haven't gained too much weight this past month since you are so active lately!

Your favorite toy this month has to be your Fisher Price blocks. Now that you are able to sit up (boppy supported) you will sit for hours playing with your blocks. You love to put one in each hand and clank them together. You love sitting on the couch next to your Daddy playing for hours with your blocks. You still love your jumperoo and get the biggest smile on your face as you bounce away. Because you love jumping so much, anytime your feet touch a solid surface or when you are just standing on Mommy's lap, you immediately start bouncing. It's so cute to see you bouncing away on my lap. Mommy has to keep a pretty tight grip on you or your are going to bounce right on to the floor!!! Your swing has been officially put away this month. It was such a sad occasion but we just didn't see a need for it anymore and certainly did not trust you sitting in there, I don't even think I would trust that harness to hold you in either. You are just too active. I have a feeling that your activity mat is going to be the next toy to become retired as well. You still love it, however, you always seem to roll away from it after playing in it after awhile. Especially now that you are sitting up, I suspect you will tire from playing on your back and really learn to love playing from a sitting position.

You still love to scream and babble and have also started to respond to me when I start to make the same noises that you are. It's like were having our own little conversation. I haven't quite figured out what we are talking about yet but it certainly sounds important!!!

Thank you for another great month sweetie. My love for you grows more and more every day. I am so thankful to God for choosing me to be your Mommy, what a precious gift you are.


  1. That picture is soooo adorable!!!

  2. So cute- and 8 months already? WOW!

  3. Aw, she is sooo cute!
    That is so cool that you are still able to nurse her. My milk dried up at 7 months with Lily, and 3 months with Oliver. It's so frustrating. Anyway, that is great that she's such a great traveler! The napping thing, well not so good :)

  4. your little jilli is TOO CUTE!!! adorable picture of her :)

  5. Aw, Happy 8 Months, Jillian! So cute! Wow, can't believe she's still in only 6 month clothes! Good to know about the Target diapers, I've heard from a few moms that they are good. Way to go on the home-made avocado, even though she didn't like it;) I'm so encouraged that she does well on car trips, that is awesome! Congrats, Karen...you are a great mom! (Thanks for liking the nursery...it means a lot!)

  6. I just found your blog (we follow a few of the same). Your daughter is adorable! I also have a Jillian (and my oldest daughter was born on December 21st!). Just wanted to stop by and tell you hello. : )

  7. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Karen she is so beautiful!!! I can't believe she is 8 months! Gosh time is really flying by!

  8. Oh happy 8 months to your sweet girl! Don't feel bad, GG didn't cut her first tooth until she was nearly 9 months. I thought we were going to have to get her false teeth! Haha! She's adorable! Doesn't the time pass so quickly. Before long, you'll be celebrating her first!

  9. I love it! My son didn't like the avocado either:)


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