Friday, November 19, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Laundry Rooms

Kelly's Korner is hosting her "Show Us Your Life" today and is featuring Laundry Rooms. I absolutely love our laundry room even though I feel like it is the easiest room in the house to get and stay messy. It's right off of the garage so it's so easy to just set something in there and shut the door. Not to mention, ever since I had a baby, I am CONSTANTLY doing laundry so it is never really clean. Nevertheless, I did take some pictures of the laundry room pre-Jillian so you can see what it looks like when it doesn't have heaping piles of laundry all over the floor!!! Please take a look around my laundry room and then head on over to Kelly's to check out some other beautiful, if not cleaner, laundry rooms!
I am so appreciative of our laundry room and just happy in general to have one. In our first home, the washer and dryer were in the kitchen!!! Out of all of the things that I disliked about that house, that was probably tops on my list. When Jeff and I built this home, it had to have a laundry room.
I found that it's extremely challenging to take pictures of our laundry room without a wide angle lens. Our laundry room is long and narrow so it's hard to photograph.

My pride and joy, the LG Front Load Washer and Dryer. These girls get a workout in our home!!!
We upgraded the cabinet in the laundry because the standard builder grade cabinet looked like particle board. It really cheapened the look of the laundry room. I like the one my chose so much better.
The laundry room was one of the first rooms in the house that we painted. The color is Behr Provence. It's a french blue color, I love the richness of the color against the stark white cabinets.
Now just to keep things real, here is how our laundry room looks today. It's Friday and it's my day off of work. It's been a long week and the laundry is piling up. Please tell me your laundry room looks more like these pictures than the ones on top???
So many clothes, they are bursting into the hallway.
Jeff built these shelves for me before Jillian came. I had been using her closet for a laundry clothes hanger for the longest time because we didn't have any shelving. I really like these shelves, I can hang a lot of clothes on them and I can store laundry baskets and other items on top.

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  1. Love the laundry room and love you being 'real' about how it looks today!! Lol. Mine is my dumping ground! I drop everything off in my laundry room!! It's a bad habit! Ha

  2. Like the paint! Plus, we have the same rug that's in your hallway. Don't you love having a sink in there too? I love my utility sink!

  3. your paint color looks like ours. I love the (silver) metallic washer/dryer with the walls. Great!!

  4. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I agree- love how the white pops off that blue! My guest bath is the same way. I'm jealous of your nice washing machine and dryer and also your utility sink! Great space to have!

  5. i love that paint pretty :)

  6. i love it friend! i hope i get to have a real laundry room one day. how glorious that will be! :)

  7. Very real post Karen. Those are the best kind to read. Your machines and room are beautiful. :)

  8. I love doing laundry and would love having those machines.
    What a great room.

  9. I'm hoping for a much larger laundry room in our next home! Love yours!

  10. I love that you posted the "real" pictures! You are so cute!


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