Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life...A Big Slice of Crazy

I don't know how life got so crazy and out of control these days, but it has. I feel like I am blogging less and less just because my available time to blog is becoming less and less. I have missed you all and hope to get back in to the swing of things soon!!! I haven't had a lot of time to read or comment on my favorite bloggers either and am looking forward to catching up on everything that has been going on with all of you!!!

First and foremost, work has been crazy. It's just that time of year for us where 2011 budgets need to be finalized and 2010 books need to be closed. Even though I am a Mommy, I have to play an Accountant 3 days of the week and I have been working non stop. I have also been putting in several hours on my supposed "days off" by logging in from home and knocking down a few monthly reports during nap time. Nap time is usually my me time where I can clean the house, workout, shower, read blogs or create a blog post. Well, none of these things have been getting done and I am now living in a dirty house and it's driving me crazy!

Our personal life has been crazy busy too lately which is a good thing. Jeff and I actually traveled to a casino in New York this weekend and spent our first night away from Jillian. This was a huge step for us but we really enjoyed our time together!!! We were celebrating our 10 year dating anniversary and thought what better time than now to get away for a night. When Jeff and I were dating, we used to travel to New York this time of year to celebrate our dating anniversaries. We used to be active skiers and would spend a romantic weekend at either Holiday Valley or Peak and Peek. Both places are ski resorts nestled into small towns in western New York. I can't even tell you the last time that we have skied, however, it was nice to go back visit this area of New York and play a little black jack together!!! We almost didn't make it out there on Saturday, our drive to New York was white knuckle all of the way. Snow continuously came down and covered the road ways, piling up more and more as we drove. There were spin outs all around us. One would think that we were a little nuts driving in such nasty weather but we were determined to get away for the night. 

I took a picture of our drive, we could barely get the snow off the windshield, it just kept coming down!

Jeff and I taking a break from the black jack tables for dinner.

Even though I had plenty to catch up on at home this week, my sister is only going to be on maternity leave for a few more weeks so Jillian and I decided to spend my day off this week visiting my sister. Jillian LOVES playing with her cousin Nicole and actually got to experience coloring in a coloring book for the first time. Jillian has been very interested in writing lately and is always stealing pens out of my hands. I am sure she sees me constantly crunching numbers at home when I am working so she obviously wants to do the same!!!

After being away for the weekend and working on my days off, you can see how we are a bit out of our routine!!!!! Hopefully we will get back into the swing of things again soon. 


  1. That snow is crazy! I'm glad you enjoyed your time away!

  2. WOW! Thats a ton of snow! At least you got to get away and have some fun ;)

  3. Nice to see you back!!!! Happy anniversary! How was the casino? any big winnings? Sean and I went to Greektown once and I am dying to go back- just need to find a night to get away.

  4. Wow, that picture of the snow while driving was insane! Of course I live in AL, where we get only a couple of inches at a time! :) Glad you were able to enjoy a nice, romantic getaway. I am envious! :)

    I hope life slows down a bit for you too!

  5. are a busy Beaver lately :) I am sure tax time is got you going crazy...on top of an active little girl!! Glad to hear you and Jeff had a nice time away together...I am sure it was much needed :) Have a great weekend..

  6. I hate that life can be so busy at times but it seems like you are making time for the important stuff...your family!
    And jeez! How do you drive in all that snow?!

  7. whoa too weird, we're heading to Bristol Mountain, NY this weekend to celebrate our 10 yrs dating anniversary!

  8. That snow is CRAZY! Well, to me anyway because I've never seen more than a few inches. Glad y'all were able to get away. It sounds fun! Have a great weekend!

  9. I want to visit NY one day. I'm afraid the blogging time is not going to get any easier. Always something to do.

  10. Hey! Completely understand just how busy life can blogging is, for most of us anyway, a hobby! Sometimes there's time and sometimes there's not!

    I can't believe that snow! Crazy! Glad y'all got out for a date night and enjoyed your first night away! It's hard I know and we've still only done it 2x and GG is 18 months old!

    Have a great week!


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