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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love all of the sweet comments I receive on my blog and always love to return the favor with a sweet reponse via email.  However, I am not always able to do so!! Why is this? Because not everyone's Blogger profile is public. This is something you have to manually change yourself.

I was also speaking to my bloggy friend Shannon recently about how I wasn't able to respond to her blog comments and how I really wanted to.   She hadn't even realized that this was even an option.  With one quick change to her Blogger profile,  Shannon and I are now able to respond to each other's Blog comments. I would love to be able to do this with my all of my readers. Some of you may already have their emails public on their profile and you have probably recieve a follow up response to your comment.  If you don't, keep reading!  I will share this quick Tip to a Better Blog with you.

First, go to your Blogger dashboard and click "Edit Profile".

Now click on the little box that says "Show My Email Address."

Now click on the "Save" button below.

See how easy that was?  Now I can answer all of your wonderful questions and respond to all of your sweet comments!!!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thank you for this public service announcement! It does help a lot!

  2. amen, thank you ma'am!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I just changed mine! :)

  4. This was such a big help to me! I love now seeing comments right away and being able to respond. Thank you Karen!!!

  5. What I want to know is how do you put a picture of what is on your computer screen on your blog? Can you share with us how to do that?

  6. BTW - I'm your newest follower!

  7. Thanks Karen, I have made the change! I love reading your blog!
    ~Kristin :)

  8. Thank you Karen! I fixed mine. Miss "talking" to you! Hope all is well. Love seeing Jillian grow. She is beautiful ... I know you are proud.

  9. Thanks for posting! I might steal this and do something similar for my blog. Love your new layout!


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