Friday, May 20, 2011

Guest Blogging: No-Sew Drape Hem

Last week I was a guest blogger for Stacy over at Not Just a Housewife.  It was a pleasure sharing one of my latest DIY projects with her readers and I couldn't wait to share it with you!  Enjoy!

{DIY No-Sew Drape Hem}

A few weeks ago, I purchased drapery panels for our large set of windows in our Great room.  This particular area of our home was challenging because I had to come up with FIVE panels to cover all of the windows.  Five panels can add up quickly and be rather expensive.  Purchasing custom made panels was just out of the question.  So I decided to go with a 84" inch two tone grommet panel from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The only problem was that I needed 86" inch panels.  The length of the top of our windows to the floor was over 86" inches long and 84" panels would look like flood pants on a 8 year old little boy.  Nothing drives me more crazy then drapes that don't hit the floor.  So I decided to do a little customization of my own for very little time and money.  And it was so simple and easy that anyone can do it!

{What You Need}

Hemming Tape
Cuticle scissors
White fabric pencil
Binder clips

I initially hung up the drapes to see how they would look and also to measure exactly how much extra material I would need.  Look at the picture above, see the drape on the far left not hitting the floor whatsoever?  See all of the molding under the drape?  Yes, I did too, and it was driving me nuts!

{The Before}

Here is a close up, way too much molding showing at the bottom.  Here is what you can do to fix it.

1. Measure how much space you have from the bottom of the curtain to the floor.  In my case, I had a little over two inches.  

2. Examine your hem to make sure you have enough material to cover what you need.  I didn't even have to measure to see that I had plenty of material to work with.

3. I took cuticle scissors and cut the hem, one little stitch at a time.  This was probably the most time consuming part, however, I became a more efficient as I found my groove.

4. You will even have to let out the hem on each side of your drape, I only let mine out through the end of the lining.  Do not let out the whole side hem, that is not necessary for what we need to do.

5. After letting out the bottom and part of the side hems, I determined I had 3 inches of material to work with.  I only needed two inches, so I would have to fold up 1 inch from the bottom to give me those extra two inches. 

6. Next, you will have to fold over the sides again and secure it with a binder clip. 

7. You will then have to decide how much hemming tape you will need to slip under the newly formed side hem. Cut your hemming tape to the desired length and slide under your crease. Make sure the hemming tape is flat and completely hidden. Preheat your iron to medium heat without steam. Place and hold iron on the drape for 3 seconds. Repeat until your entire hem is bonded. DO NOT apply iron directly to adhesive tape. Turn item right side out and iron fabric for an additional 3 seconds.  Here is my newly formed side crease.

8. You will now have measure the bottom.  I folded over an inch of material which was the desired length in which I measure in Step 5.  I marked every ten inches with a fabric pencil and measured to be sure the whole bottom length of the drape was folded over evenly at one inch.

9. I held each measured ten inch section with binder clips.  I felt binder clips were a lot easier to use than pins and they allowed me to easily place the hemming tape underneath the hem.  Repeat Step 7 by measuring and cutting sections of hemming tape and inserting them under your folded hem.  Iron the hemming tape into place until it has fully bonded with the fabric.  Let the drape cool and then hang!

{The After}

10. The drape now lays flush against my carpet.  No more floods!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today on No-Sew Drape hems.  It truly was an easy project, and I now have 4 more drapes to do! 

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  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Looks great! I love drapes that hit the floor too!

  2. Those look just lovely and I have done the same thing with my drapes in my family room. It is so handy having those deep hems at the bottom! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday! :-)


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