Friday, June 10, 2011

Can I Pique Your Pinterest?

Have you joined Pinterest yet?  I had been hearing about it for awhile on Twitter and have been reading about it on my favorite blogs, however, I held off joining simply because I heard it's addicting!!!  The last thing I needed was something else to manipulate my precious free time on the Internet, however, it is actually quite a handy tool and does keep all of those pretty pictures floating around in your bookmarks organized!!! 

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Peope use pin boards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pin boards created by other people.   Once I signed up I immediately started following all of my favorite Home Decor and Craft bloggers.   Browsing pin boards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

I have been personally using it to clear out all of my endless bookmarks and written down paint color lists.  It organizes it all in one pretty place! 

Another great thing about Pinterest?  It has an iPhone App.  Yep!  So I can view all of the pretty Pinterest eye candy from the convenience of my iPhone. 

It does take a few days to get started once you have submitted an application on their website.  If you would like a personal invitation from me, I would be happy to send you one.  An invitation from a member helps you get you pinning sooner!!

If you would like to follow me, I would love to have you!  Please click here to follow my profile or simply click the Pinterest Icon located on my side bar.

Happy pinning!

**Don't forget to enter my $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway!!! It's easy to win and only takes a few minutes to enter. It is my understanding that is still having issues with readers leaving comments on blogs. It has been recommended to unclick the 'Stay Signed In' Box when you are prompted to log in. This should hopefully help, I know it worked for me. Please email me if you have any questions or continue to have difficulty leaving Blog comments**


  1. Ahem, don't get me started. I knew it was going to be dangerous when I saw the iPhone app was coming out! I will tell you, I was so addicted to WEHEARTIT but was shying away b/c while it had some awesome images, it was starting to get some trashy images. Obviously, you can put ANYTHING on there :p (beware what you search, haha!)

  2. oops, I wasn't through!

    I love Pinterest. LOVE. Can't you tell by my array of boards, lol.

    Have a great weekend dear-

  3. I love it. The app even works on my iPod touch, so i lay in bed at night and pin away. After pinning away a great part of my work day. Whoops!

  4. I too love Pinterest, my hubby on the other hand am sure wishes I'd stop finding so many projects I want his help with from the inspiring photos! :o)

  5. I have to check this out too. I keep hearing about it. I'm a new follower from Sit and Relax Weekend Blog Hop. I hope you will follow me back I can be found in facebook too and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you. When you stop by my blog, please check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry).

  6. I signed up for pinterest but have not started yet. I also found stumble upon at the same time and have totally become crazy for it. Yikes!!!! I love your blog and have just become a follower. Nice to meet ya ;)

  7. Hi Karen,
    I have had trouble leaving comments on almost every single blog I visit. Thanks you for the tip. Hopefully it works.

    I was sorry to see you had left me as a reader. I'm hoping you come back soon. You are always welcome anytime.

    Enjoy the summer and stay cool!

  8. Happy weekend!
    I've signed up, but haven't done anything yet with it. Need to, but where will I find the time.

    Can I look at hotels on it? That may help me with my travel posts?

  9. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I didn't know there was an ap for that? Becky Branch - comments are weird again, it's not letting me comment from my Blogger profile! wahhh! <3 Becky

  10. Yes, Pinterest is amazing! I can't let myself spend time on there because it's just crazy. Love the new blog design - it looks great!!

  11. Hi, I’m from Edge of Escape . I’m following the blog hop that you linked to. Please stop by my blog, I’d love to have you follow me. First time I heard about Pinterest, will check it out. Also, thanks for the tip about unchecking the sign in box.

  12. Sounds pretty cool but I'm like you afraid to add anything more to my list of things I already don't have time for LOL!


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