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Life of a SAHM Series {Day 12}: Measuring My Life

Hi there and welcome to Day 12 of the Life of a Stay {At} Home Mom Guest Blogging Series!!! If you are just joining our Life of a Stay {At} Home Mom Series, welcome! Miss a post? You can find all the entries for our series listed for you here.

I am so excited to introduce Kat today from Measuring My Life.   Kat has two adorable baby girls and is expecting her third in late September.  Such a beautiful family, I really appreciate Kat joining us today to share her story!  Please give a warm welcome to Kat!!!


Hello Everyone!  First, I’d like to thank Karen for letting me guest post in her SAHM series.  I have enjoyed reading all of the other guest blogger’s responses.  Second, a little about me – I blog over at Measuring My Life, about house projects, DIY/Crafts, recipes, and my kids. I have been a SAHM since my oldest was born Sept 2006.  I feel so blessed that this is an option that works for our family.  In total, I have 2 daughters and we are expecting out 3rd little girl this September.


1. Biggest reward?
- The fact that I get to spend everyday all day with my kiddo’s.  Not saying it’s all peaches and cream all the time, but even at the end of those rough days it feels good that I am able to be here. 

2. Biggest challenge?
- Getting into a schedule.  Making sure that the girls’ and I are not just lounging around in our PJ’s everyday. 
- Learning to not listen to other people’s stereotypes of SAHM’s, it really bugs me that some people think it’s not work.
- Also, it was a very rough past 2 1/2 years with my husbands work.  He worked a grand total of 9 months over that time period, so adjusting.

3. Side job or business?
- From Sept 2006 – June 2009, I did work part-time out of the home.  At one point I was working 3 part-time jobs, during this time we had decided to put our oldest (only child at the time) in daycare, it was one of the worse experiences ever.  She was so incredibly ill for the 4 months she was in daycare that I decided it wasn’t worth it to put her through all of that or myself emotionally.  I then stopped all 3 of those jobs and moved to a data entry position for a year before finding out we were pregnant with our 2nd.  After, 3 miscarriages after my oldest was born I wanted to just take it easy with that pregnancy.
- Currently, I do babysit part-time, but that’ll be ending in August. 
- In a couple years when my middle and youngest to be baby are older I would love to start a side business doing one of the few crafty things I love.

4. What do I miss about working?
- Honestly, the only thing I miss is the other adult interaction.  Otherwise I do not miss any of it.

5. Hard decision to stop working?
- Not at all and thankfully I have a very supportive husband who loves that I’m able to be here for our kids as well. 

6. Plan to return to work?
- My husband always jokes that I won’t be re-entering the work field for another 20 years.  Ideally, the side business would bring in enough extra that I won’t have to.
- I want to put my kids on the school bus and pick them up from the bus stop after school.  I want to be active in their schools and after school activities.
- As of now, there are no set plans…

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