Thursday, December 15, 2011

November 2011

I feel like November 2011 was even busier than October if that is possible.  I had four big Thirty-One parties in November which kept me insanely busy.  The pictures in this college are pretty much the last two weeks of the month so you can pretty much guess when those four parties took place!!  One of these days, I am going to have someone take pictures or videos of my in action at my parties, perhaps once I am feeling more comfortable about my speaking in front of people. 

{November 2011}

Week 1: November also proved to be fairly mild, however, extremely rainy.  Cleveland hit their all time record in rain fall in a year this month which is absolute craziness if you think about it.  I am so sick of the rain!!  Please snow already!!!  At least snow is pretty and exciting, not dreary and depressing!!!  Anyway.........the leaves for the most part have almost completely fallen off the trees which  means we can see our deer friends again!  Our woods are just loaded with deer.  Our personal record of the number of deer spotted in our back yard at one time still remains at 17 when we first moved here in 2007.  They pretty much hide all Summer long deep in the woods, however, once the leaves fall, their food source deteriorates rapidly and they come out looking for food. Particularly our stocked bird feeder.  I know it's a small picture, but you can see this beautiful buck snacking on bird seed remnants from our bird feeder. 

Week 2: We took Jillian back to the allergist to get tested again for milk, eggs and peanuts.  The good news is that she is no longer allergic to peanuts!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!  Jillian is still allergic to eggs and milk, however, her numbers in those areas have lowered as well.  In celebration, Jillian and I resumed our traditional Friday afternoon lunches at Chick-Fil-A where she happily ate chicken nuggets fried in peanut oil!  Jillian's allergist also recommended that she finally go off of the insanely expensive formula we have been giving her and try Silk or rice milk instead.  Well, she absolutely hates both and refuses to drink either one.  We have tried giving her just a splash in her sippy but she responds with a disgusted raspberry and a "no like it".  We have tried giving it to her with Hershey syrup and "no like it".  I even tried it, it was good!  Nope!  Not our picky little girl.  So we continue to give her the expensive formula.  We are completely at a loss on how to get this situation turned around.  I would love to hear ideas on how you transitioned your child to milk.  I realize she is a year older than most kids that go through this but because of her milk allergy, we had no choice and now she just flat out refuses.  Ugh!!!

Week 3: Leaves have now completely fallen off the trees and it's still raining!  Ahhh!  But, it's the week of Thanksgiving in which we have so much to be thankful for!!!  We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time at our house which was a lot of fun and a lot of work!  I give my Mom a lot of credit for hosting for so many years.  I now feel like a seasoned Thanksgiving hostess and feel better prepared if we do this again!!!!  Here is Jeff trying to figure out how to stuff the turkey and the after!!!!  For Turkey rookies, it looked pretty good! We did have to put it back into the oven to cook for another 45 after the first time we took it out but can happily say it was a success!!!! I wish I would have gotten a picture of Jillian all dressed up in her Thanksgiving outfit, but unfortunately was too busy trying to feed everyone turkey that this was the best I could do.  Her hair is looking a tad bit disheveled here after her nap and running around with her cousins.  That weekend since so many family members were in town, we celebrated my niece Katelyn's 1st Birthday.  Katelyn is my sister's daughter and I still can not believe she is one!  I feel like we just had a sprinkle for her yesterday.  Jillian loved helping Katelyn celebrate her birthday, as you can see, she liked reading the birthday cards with my sister.  The picture with all of the little ones are all of the cousins on my side of the family.  My sister's two girls, Jillian, and my brother's twin daughters.  It's very challenging trying to snap a picture of five toddler girls but I somehow managed while they were all trying to help unwrap the gifts.  It was so nice to see my brother and his girl's who were in town visiting from Arkansas.  My cousin Amy was also in town visiting from West Virgina and is expecting a little boy a day before me!!!  Needless to say, March is going to be a busy time for our family!!!

Week 4: I ended a very busy month with my first vendor show with Thirty-One Gifts.  The event was held at a local party center in celebration of a Mom's Night Out.  I was so proud of how my display turned out, I would certainly buy a new purse from this nice looking table, wouldn't you??? 


  1. Sounds like y'all have had a lot of fun! We see deer in our subd. sometimes. I just love watching them. I can't imagine 17 at one time!

  2. What a great update. Hope you are well.

    Is the new milk cold? I mixed formula with milk for awhile, and it worked for us. You eventually stop using the formula on that method.


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