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How to Make a Diaper Cake

Hello all, I hope you had a nice weekend!!! It was a busy one here for one for us, yet we are no where closer to getting the baby's room done.  I am figuring we have around 5 weekends left or less to really make some progress on Baby boy's nursery. Nothing to stress you or anything!! Ugh!!!

We were actually pretty busy this weekend actually celebrating another baby coming into the family soon. My cousin Amy is due with a Baby Boy a day before me! How is that for excitement? We traveled down to West Virgina on Saturday to shower the little guy with presents and to visit with Amy for probably the last time before she becomes a new Mom!!!

One of the gifts we gave Amy was a diaper cake. I just love diaper cakes, they are always such practical gifts and are completely adorable!! They can really add to the decor or theme of the shower and also help the new mom add to her diaper collection.  Every ingredient that goes into your diaper cake will always be very useful to the expectant mother.  You can never have too many diapers, right?

My Mom, sister, and I all got together a few weeks ago to make the diaper cake and I think it turned out super cute. This was second diaper cake that I have been involved in making, the third in our family, and it seems to be getting easier each time. It's an easy gift to make and one that the expectant mom will remember for years to come.

{What You Need}

1 Large Box of Diaper 144 count Size One Diapers
Glue gun
Small White Rubber Bands
Decorative Ribbon
White Curling Ribbon
Cake Decorations - Small Baby Accessories
1 Plastic 8 oz baby bottle
Gerber Daisies or other large flowers
Cake Platter - You can use cardboard or metal. 

{How You Make It}

The first thing you will do when creating your diaper cake is to start rolling the diapers.  Start at the front bottom of the diaper and tightly roll each one to the top.  Tightly fasten each diaper with a white rubber band.  Set all of your rolled diapers to the side. 

Bottom Tier - Place your baby bottle in the center of your cake platter.  This is going to be your main foundation or center of your diaper cake.  Around the cake bottle you will want to line up one layer of diapers forming a ring around the bottle.  Make sure your diapers are all going in the same direction with the open section of the diaper in the back.  This should be around 5-6 diapers.  Around that ring, start adding additional rings around the center ring to create your bottom tier.  Depending on the size of your cake platter will dictate how many rings of diapers you will use as your bottom tier.  For the diaper cake above, we used around 136 diapers to construct the entire diaper cake, including 4 layers of diapers for the bottom tier.  Secure your bottom tier with curling ribbon, wrapping the ribbon around the center of your tier which will hold all of the diapers in place.  If you have a large enough rubber band, that can also be used to secure the bottom tier.  Tie your curling ribbon tightly around the bottom tier.  It's OK when you tie your curling ribbon if the bow is not pretty, we will be adding the decorative ribbon around this ribbon which will hide it anyway.  Cut a piece of decorative ribbon to fully fit around the center of the bottom tier of diapers.  Assemble the ribbon around the curling ribbon and secure each end with a dab of glue from your glue gun.  You may want to tack the decorative ribbon to the curling ribbon just to secure it into place.  You DO NOT want to get any glue on the diapers, it's important to only put glue on the curling ribbon

Middle Tier - Part of your bottle may still be exposed depending on the bottle you purchased.  If it is not exposed, use diapers as your center repeating the same steps as your did to create the bottom tier, just using one less ring of diapers to create that cake tiered affect.  In our diaper cake, our second tier consisted of 3 rings of diapers around the top of the bottle.  Secure the middle tier by tieing curling ribbon around the entire tier or secure the diapers in place with a large rubber band.  Assemble the ribbon around the curling ribbon and secure each end with a dab of glue from your glue gun.

Top Tier - Repeat the same steps as you did for your bottom and center tiers by forming rings around a center diaper.  In our cake, we used a diaper as the center and then secured the tier with curling ribbon.  Secure the top tier by tieing curling ribbon around the entire tier or secure the diapers in place with a large rubber band.  We then removed the center diaper and added the bear as the top.  The bear is actually attached to a small blanket, we shoved the blanket down the middle of the top tier and kept his head out which formed the top of the cake.  Assemble the ribbon around the curling ribbon and secure each end with a dab of glue from your glue gun. 

Assemble your three tiers on top of one another, centering each tier.  The tiers should sit pretty securely on top of one another, we did not do anything to secure one tier to the next. 

Decorating Your Cake - Tuck the small baby items like rattlers, pacifiers, combs, bibs, teething rings, baby booties, etc inside the ribbon and arrange them in different places of the each tier. You can use ribbons of different colors and shapes if you need.  The number of baby items you should be using should be to the size of the cake and placed in a creative way. You don't want your cake to look too cluttered, small baby items are best.  We also liked to use Gerber Daisies when decorating our cake, I always had good luck finding large, plastic, Gerber Daisies at Michael's.   Our Gerber Daisies are glued with a generous amount of glue from the glue gun onto the decorative ribbon.  I also purchased the blue and white polka dot ribbon from Michael's from their Easter section.

For memories sake, here are pictures of my diaper cake {left} and my sister's diaper cake {right} from our baby showers.  Both were fun to make!!!  As you can tell, my sister's diaper cake was the first one we made so we decided to keep it simple.  With each diaper cake, we got a little more creative by adding more baby items. 

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  1. These are adorable. I have made one before, but it didn't turn out nearly as cute as yours, great job girl!

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    It looks great! I have made 3 in the last few years, and I love making them :)

  3. Cute cakes. I've made several over the last couple of years & everyone always loves them.

  4. I love making diaper cakes and also recently blogged a tutorial (except I use a different technique)

    I'm so glad I found your blog via the Linky Followers blog hop. I am now following along. I hope you'll return the favor!

    Shelby @


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