Thursday, April 05, 2012

Parade of Homes ~ Day 4 ~ E, Myself and I

Hello friends!! I hope you are all having a great week and enjoying all of these beautiful homes!! I think everyone is still blown away by Unskinny Boppy's beautiful home. And that pool! How perfect for those hot Southern days.

Just a reminder, the Parade of Homes goes through next Friday, April 13th. On Friday April 13th, there will be a linky party for everyone to link up their Homes!!! Please mark your calendar and start photographing those rooms in your home that you can't wait to show off!!!

I am so thrilled to introduce to Elizabeth from E, Myself and I. I could sit out on her front porch every night this Summer with a cold glass of Sweet Tea. Thank you Elizabeth for welcoming us into your beautiful home!!!

Hi everyone! I'm E.   My blog home is over at E, Myself, and I; but, I'm excited to be sharing my real home with Karen & her loyal readers today... Of course, when I first "accepted the challenge," I had high hopes of completing all 75 things on my "House To Do List" before April 5th.  And, we all know how that goes...Oh life, you can be so inconvenient to my plans. ;)
Regardless, here's my house....
Oh, and here's us.  Just so you know who's house your looking around...
From December 2011
My husband, Jeff, and I are high school sweethearts, and we've been married five years this summer.  Our little man is Sam (born in July 2011) and our golden-girl is Addy.  They are both spoiled rotten.
We live in Southwest Virginia in the same city where we both grew up.  Our house was built in 1923 and has lots of character - that's what originally attracted me to it; and, most of the time, makes the maintenance worth it. :)
When you first walk in the door, you are greeted by lots of sunshine and my yellow book collection in the front room.  (I think the proper name is "living room" but not much actual living goes on there... I just call it "the front room.")  *Read more about yellow book collection here.  It is probably my favorite decorating thing about our house.
This little room is the left of the front door, and we use it as an officey space.  (Officey, you like that?)
From the "office," you go through a tiny little hallway and past our stairs to the kitchen...
... which bleeds into a big dining room... Our table & console belonged to my great aunt and uncle when they first got married in the 1920s.  Then, my parents used it as their first dining room set.  A fresh coat of paint, and it is very "Pottery Barn" today, don't you think? 
(Side Note: One of my favorite things about our house is that about 95% of the furniture and decor in it is re-purposed.  We have very generous parents and grandparents, and I have fun working with what we have - so VERY little is bought new.  Except those chairs... their Ikea.  Haha!)
On the other side of the dining room, is our sunroom.  THIS has been my little project for the last three months.  BY FAR, it is the room we spend the most time in, but up until recently it has been my least favorite decor-wise.  I still have some ideas/projects to complete in there, but I'm definitely liking the space a lot more these days. *Blog post coming soon with official "reveal" and details.
Now, moving upstairs...
This is our master bedroom.  My parents and I redecorated this room several years ago over a weekend when Jeff was out of town.  It was a fun project, but I'm getting sick of it now.  I've tweaked the decorations a little, but I feel like the room desperately needs some umph.  Once the sunroom is completed, this will probably be my next project.  A house is never done, you know? 
By the way, this photo and all of the rest are "old" because I'm a new mom (how long can I use that?) and I can't keep my house together like I used to.  :)  Notice the lamps?  I moved them to the sunroom, and the room is currently "in transition."  I get bored easily.
Next up, my favorite room to date (and it's a good thing, because many a night has been spent there) - Sam's nursery...
*More photos and room details here.
And, the bathroom...
Yes, we only have one full bath - the horror! So far, we do ok, but I imagine we'll outgrow this arrangement sooner or later.  (And, yes, there is a shower behind the door... Don't worry!)
There is also a guest room up there, but for now it shall be known as "the room in which we do not look." Haha!  Please tell me you have a room like that in your house too.
Oh, and a bonus for your viewing pleasure... 
This is our laundry room.  This was a little project I took on two summers ago in an attempt to make my least favorite chore a little better.  It didn't work, but I like the room. :)  For the record, I do not sew, nor have I ever done a craft there... Coulda fooled you, huh? ;) *More here.
Well folks, that's our casa. Hope you enjoyed the tour and that you'll stop by my blog to look around for a bit there too.  Thanks Karen!

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  1. What a charming house! Thanks for adding my blogs to my Google reader!!

  2. I love older homes- such character! Your house is adorable!!!

  3. Beautiful home! love your paint colors and the nursery is so adorable.

  4. I love this home so much! The bright happy colors throughout, and all the character in the windows and doors and moldings. I pinned that cute beadboard shelf in the bathroom because it's so cute and a great idea!

  5. Love this house! Sam's nursery and your "bonus" room are awesome! And since you don't sew or craft, can I just have that room, please?! I'll give you my "room in which we do not look" in exchange! :)

  6. I love your home. I really love the charm of the older homes...more so than the newer ones. Thanks for sharing.

  7. A craftsman cottage is my very favorite style for a house. You've done a fabulous job with renovating and decorating. I love the built-ins around the fireplace. This house is adorable!

  8. Your home is so lovely and charming. Thank you for inviting me over.

  9. Really LOVE this house. It's my favorite BY FAR! So glad to see you're not afraid of color :)

  10. Hello Elizabeth,

    Where do I start?

    I love....your porch, fireplace/bookcases,the pillows on your bed, the monogram, the color that you used throughout your home, gallery wall, & beadboard.

    You can certainly tell that you took a lot of thought to place each item.

    You have certainly made your house a Home!

    I'm heading over for a visit. :)

    Enjoy your day! :)


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