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Parade of Homes ~ Day 6 ~ My Got Fam

Hello friends!! I hope you all had a Blessed Easter!!!  I hope you are all looking forward to another week of beautiful homes.   What an amazing group we have had last week!! If you are new to my blog or just now tuning in for the Parade of Homes, I would highly suggest starting with Day 1 to begin your tour.
Just a reminder, the Parade of Homes goes through this Friday, April 13th. On Friday April 13th, there will be a linky party for everyone to link up their Homes!!! Please mark your calendar and start photographing those rooms in your home that you can't wait to show off!!!
Today Chrissy is here from My Got Fam to show off her beautiful home.  Chrissy is a good friend of mine and another local Cleveland Blogger.  Thank you Chrissy for welcoming us into your beautiful home!!!

Ok, I’ll start by admitting that I am crazy stoked to be blogging about home related stuff. I normally blog about potty training or some form of toddler craziness. Yet, I am obsessed with home renovations (much to my husband's dismay), decorating, furniture design, art, you name it. In fact, I actually painted most of the artwork you will see throughout this tour.

So, it seemed fitting that when Karen asked for volunteers for her Parade of Homes tour... I was chomping at the bloggy bit.

We’re always working on a home renovation project here at the MyGotfam house. And a lot has been done since we purchased the house 2 years ago, but there are a lot of projects that remain. I hope you enjoy the tour!
Foyer: Welcome!

We spent quite a while searching for the perfect table for this space.

And ended up finding a custom-made piece in Amish country. And we love it - I am now in love with Amish craftsmanship.

To the right is our living room (please excuse that it’s currently used partially as a toddler play area):

Through the living room is my husband’s office:

We looked for awhile to find the right furniture for his office. I was dead set on finding a Frank Lloyd Wright Style desk - and we did.

Dining room:

I am on the look-out for a unique new lighting fixture for this room (and sort of have my heart set on old theatre lights).

I love little details that pull a room together. I found this industrial style vase and immediately wanted it in the Dining Room.


The kitchen is really where we spend most of our time. (Yes, that is cut-outs of the alphabet along the wall...what can I say, we have toddlers.


One of my favorite pictures in the kitchen is actually a framed “save the date” from our wedding.  The back of the save the date featured photo strips of friends and family.

From there you enter the family room. The family room will be our next major renovation. It’s somewhat outdated and we have BIG plans. But for now, it works for a nice area to relax with the family (don't mind the bumper child proofing on the fireplace).

Plus, I love having a mantle to decorate.

More details of artwork (this is from a Grand Rapids, MI. Artist (I grew up in Grand Rapids)).

The laundry is off the family room (this renovation was just finished, thus it’s not decorated yet).

From there we go upstairs:

My son’s room has been a constant project. When we moved in, he was 12 months old and I painted a tree house in his room. Below is what it used to look like.

Since then, he has ‘graduated’ into his big boy room.

Since he loves race cars (specifically the movie ‘Cars’) we thought a race car bed was appropriate. And why not have a matchbox car race track around the room too? (That part was slightly harder than I had imagined... I ended up painting the yellow dotted line with a tooth pick).

I framed coloring book pictures to continue with the theme.

My daughters room is currently in transition. She will be turning 2 shortly (sniff sniff...hold me!) and is about to transition into her “big girl room” (renovations on that will be done next month). For now, she’s still in her nursery.

I painted these little critters when she was born (and later added the big goofy pink frame on the wall (an idea I saw on "Follow?="" ><="" blogger_on="" pinterest"="" me="">pinterest) - it will be coming down VERY soon...just didn't work out as planned).

Her furniture was actually my baby furniture as well.

The details on the vines were what inspired me to buy her a green crib.

My favorite piece in her room is her book shelves - that my parents built for her - for her first birthday.

Guest bedroom:

The photos above the bed are pictures that were taken by myself and my dad. And were unexpectedly printed and framed by my parents as a Christmas present (one of my favorite presents ever).

Master bedroom:

From there we can head to the basement.

Thanks to a very poorly-timed water leak, our basement flooded and we had to completely redo the basement (and the kitchen floors). Which in hindsight was nice since we now have a completely remodeled basement (at the time though (when Avery was only a few weeks old) it wasn’t so nice to have our house ripped apart...oh well).

As the basement is a walk-out and has a full bathroom and separate bedroom, we can use it as a great quiet area for guests - but also for a kid playroom.

When we bought this house, one of the selling features was the backyard. It’s a great play space for the kids, and a perfect quiet area for us to unwind at night (or entertain). The pond brings all sorts of wildlife and the kids love feeding the ducks. Plus, what’s better than your own little walking trail when the kids need to get some energy out? (note: the pictures below are from last summer - as the weather right now is not yet this gorgeous?


Thanks for touring our home. And a very special Thank You to Karen for hosting this tour! I'm really enjoying reading all of the posts in this series. I hope you, dear readers, enjoy the tour/series as well!

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  1. Hello Chrissy,

    Love what you did with paint in your two babies room's, the black gallery wall art, your save the date, laundry room and your view.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Adorable nurseries. You are pretty talented. Your artwork is beautiful. I love your laundry room too.

  3. I love the playhouse in the living room! Hooray for bloggers keeping it real and celebrating the little ones in our homes (and lives). I'm also a big fan of her daughter's nursery-cum-big girl-room.


  4. Beautiful! That Cars mural is AWESOME! Man, my Garrett would die to have that in his playroom now. Also loving that laundry room/ mud room bench. I'm in desperate need of one of those at my house. Thanks for sharing!


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