Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nicholas is One Month Old

Here I am, writing Nicholas' one month post! It seems like it was only a few days ago that I was holding him in my arms for the very first time. It's been challenging around here settling into a routine with a newborn and a toddler but things are certainly coming together and showing signs of improvement!! Hopefully I will get around to sharing with you my experience of going through the transition of 1 baby to 2, as well as going from a Working Mom to a Stay At Home Mom. Lots of changes around here, that is for sure!

Our first few days home from the hospital were a little challenging! Nicholas only wanted to sleep on me or Jeff and completely rejected the pack n play and bassinet. I was one tired Momma and worried that I was never going to sleep again. After several recommendations from family and friends, we decided to give the Fisher Price Rock N Play a whirl. What a miracle this product has been for us!! The first night Nicholas fell asleep without any problems after every feeding.

My little man snoozing away in the Rock N Play.

Nicholas is an easy baby who loves to cuddle. I just love to snuggle with him and try to every chance I can. He may becoming a little spoiled but he is just too sweet to put down. If he was an only baby, I'd snuggle on him all day. Nicholas likes his bouncer and swing but tires of both after a few minutes. My cuddly little guy would just rather be held. I have had to use the Baby Bjourne or Moby Wrap just to get a few things done around the house or to take care of Jillian. Thank goodness for baby wearing products!

Sweet little brother.

What else Nicholas is up to:
*At his first month appointment, my little chunky monkey weighed 10lbs 9 oz.
*Nicholas is already in Size 1 diapers. He was only in newborn diapers a few weeks before he started pooping and peeing right out of them. Nicholas is also 22 inches long which is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight.
*Nicholas is not a big fan of the paci but will tolerate it for a few minutes if we need him too. We are trying not to use it too much since we don't want him to become attached to it.
*Nicholas smiled for the first time at me on April 1st. His sweet smile just melted my heart!!
*Right now Nicholas is sleeping like a typical newborn, waking up every three hours at night.
*We have been unbelievably lucky so far.  Right now Nicholas doesn't have much of fussy time.  It's hit or miss.  If he does have one, it's between 9pm - 11pm.
* Nicholas has done so well with nursing. He is a little gassy so we have been giving him Mylicon drops a few times a day.  He also has what our pediatrician calls an immature esophagus flap. He will spit everything up if he gets too full. When this happens, it's so forceful it ends up coming right out through his nose.  One day his nostrils were so inflammed that I took him to the doctor in fear of his nostrils closing up!  We now give him saline when he gets stuffy and that seems to do the trick.  He hasn't had a bottle yet but probably will in the next few days.
*Nicholas loves his bath! He gets such a sweet contented look on his face. He becomes so relaxed and falls asleep shortly after.

My sweet babies at one month, it's amazing how much they look alike!

I can't believe our little man is already one month old.  It feels like we were so anxious to meet him for so long! Now he has been with us for over a month and the days continue to fly by. I can't wait to see him grow up! He is truly the cutest little baby boy I have ever seen and just gets cuter by the day.


  1. He is a beautiful baby. I love that you take their pictures with a seahorse. I take monthly pics of my little boy with his seahorse, too! :)

  2. Anonymous8:20 PM

    He is just so adorable! You guys make some cute babies. My niece has the pink seahorse and loves it!

  3. happy 1ยบ month!! beautiful baby boy

  4. karen! he is absolutely adorable. what a pretty (handsome) baby! :)
    i can't believe he is already one month old!!! and he looks SO long!

  5. time flies! he is such a cute baby. enjoy him. I miss that baby stage : )

  6. What a little cutie!!

  7. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Happy 1 Month - you sure are a cutie-pie!!!

  8. He is so cute Karen! They grow too fast!

  9. Oh look at that Sweet Boy! Oh my goodness- I could eat him up-- ok , I won't eat him up but Squeeze on him- yes please!! He is so cute Karen! So happy I found your adorable blog- I am following you everywhere now and so happy to be :)


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